Is paper bags the best alternative of Plastic Bags?

Most of the people think that Paper Bag is the best alternative of Plastic Bags. But unfortunately the idea is wrong. Recycled Paper comes from Tree so we have to cut many trees for getting the same. Ultimately Paper Bags are not much better than Plastic Bags in respect of environmental issue.

Then what’s the best option?

Natural & Reusable Bag is best option. Natural bags come from natural fibre and the fibres come from small plants.

Param Jute Products is offering Natural & Reusable bags through the globe. They are serving to the people with their Eco Bags like Jute Shopping Bags, Cotton Shopping Bags, Jute Fashion Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Canvas Grocery Bags & many more which are completely natural & Eco friendly. As a human being we all have a responsibility to inform everybody NOT TO USE PLASTIC BAGS.

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  • Fri, 08/22/2014 - 23:31
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Interesting! Really cool thought. Yeah, I also agreee with you on using reusable bags. And when it comes to the question of using reusable bags, I believe Jute bags will be an amazing alternative to consider.

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