Jute beach bag is not just a bag, it's a fashion

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Jute beach bags supplier

Do you love the feel of the pristine sand when you walk bare feet? Waiting eagerly to smell the fresh smell of the sea or the ocean? Considering to carry a hat or an umbrella along with other essentials to save yourself from getting sunburnt at the beach? Want aplace to keep your slippers safely while you go dancing with the waves? Well, then what you are looking for is a Jute Beach bag which willnot only make it easier for you to carry your beach essentials but will also help you to keep plastics and other non-eco-friendly bags away from the beach while making sure that you could strut about with an eco-friendly and fashionable bag dangling from your arm. Have alookat the reasons below as to why a jute beach bag isnot just a bag but it is fashion.

  • Beaches are known for serene natural surroundings and the pristine meeting point of land and water. So, when we go to beaches to enjoy the natural calming effects that the water has on us, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that the natural surroundings are maintained without causing any harm to it. And here is where jute beach bags come into the picture ad fits in perfectly with all the environment-friendly and our beach fashion needs.
  • All our Jute beach bags are organic and made directly from the jute threads ad fabric processed in our manufacturing units. The Jute plants used for making the bag are grown organically as well. Jute is a very important and eco-friendly plant as neither does it require much time to grow nor do the plants have any need for excessive care or fertilization.
  • The equipment used to process the jute plants and manufacture jute beach bags from the jute fabric are all advanced in technology and low-key green-collar machines ensuring that even the procedure of manufacturing remains harmless to nature. We take extra-precaution against the emission of any kind kid of greenhouse gases while the Jute beach bags are in the manufacturing units with us.
  • Our Jute beach bags have travelled across several geographical boundaries and the demand is only growing with time. We at Param Jute Products are known for exporting the best quality and most fashionable Jute beach bags to many destinations.
  • Multiple reputed boutiques and brands are also known for importing our Jute beach bags for consumers from all walks of life. We have several styles for Jute beach bags such as beach bags which are oversized pouch-shaped with cotton or leather handles. You can also get square or rectangular shaped jute beach bags with similar handles or you can get the bags with plain jute handles as well.
  • The sizes of the beach bag usually vary from small to big, but as oversized and extra-large bags are preferred mostly by consumers these days we have a special continuous manufacturing batch of these oversized bags in various designs.
  • Our professionals and qualified jute beach bag designers ensure that all the jute beach bags covey the temperament of beach and fun with the style and the prints of the bags while creating awareness regarding the benefits of using jute beach bags.
  • The imprints on the bags are done with water-colour based colours which are chemical-free and also gives assurance regarding colour fastness. You can customize your beach bag prints according to your fancy. We deal with both dealers and individual demands so just let us know your specifications and we will manufacture personalised Jute beach bagsjust for you.
  • Our beach bags also have adjustable straps and you can carry the bags in your hand or on your shoulder. The straps come in various designs such as rounded straps, flat straps. All the bags handles are parallel and are joined to the bags with either fabric super glue, or the handles are stapled to the bags. The attachments are durable and invisible to the naked eye to make sure that the bags remain fashionable.
  • Our range of Jute beach bags are also available in multiple colours and you can safely carry all your beach essentials like a bottle of water, sunscreen and other lotions without having to worry for any kind of spill or liquid stains. The bags are coated with waterproof coating and the same coating also provide stain resistant capabilities.
  • Match your beach outfit with our morning, afternoon, and evening Jute beach bags in different designs and colours. Keep all your essentials safe and water-proof, and in one place with our zip-locked jute bags. The price tags of the bags are absolutely wallet-friendly.
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