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Param Jute Products was established in 2009 as an export-oriented manufacturing unit of jute bags, juco bags, canvas bags and other types of natural bags. We are reputed & leading enterprise for exporting jute bags, juco bags, cotton canvas bags and many more. We export Eco-friendly and Reusable jute shopping bags, Jute promotional bags, Cotton canvas tote bags, Canvas shopping bags, Canvas fashion bags & Jute fashion bags from Kolkata, India. We are specialised in the manufacturing and exporting of premium quality natural bags to USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We are leading jute bags manufacturer in Kolkata, India. Quality is our first priority so we use the best quality fresh raw materials to manufacture our premium quality jute and cotton bags with the latest fashionable trends. We are leading jute bags exporter in Kolkata, India. We offer various types of Eco-friendly & handcrafted jute shopping bags and cotton shopping bags from Kolkata, India. We offer discounted rates for large quantity of jute shopping bags & cotton shopping bags to our clients. If you are looking for Reusable & Eco-friendly shopping bags, we can offer you the best quality Eco-friendly and Reusable Shopping Bags which are made of jute, juco, cotton, linen or canvas. We manufacture and export best quality jute bags and cotton bags out of all jute products manufacturers and exporters in India. No one can beat our stitching quality. We use 3 layer checking method to maintain quality consistently.

"We don't do business, we serve to our clients so we never compromise with our product quality."

We are Leading Indian Jute Shopping BagsJute Promotional Bags, Cotton Shopping Bags & Canvas Shopping Bags manufacturing and exporting company in Kolkata-the hub of JUTE. Param Jute Products is an ethical Eco-friendly bags manufacturer, exporter & wholesaler from Kolkata, India. Since we are a manufacturer so we are able to provide you fully customised bags within a short span of time. We are largest jute bags wholesaler in Kolkata. We are the best quality jute promotional bags manufacturer in India. Our main market includes USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We are the finest quality jute shopping bags and cotton shopping bags manufacturer in Kolkata, India. We have many satisfied clients in United Kingdom & United States who buy jute shopping bags, burlap shopping bags & cotton shopping bags regularly. It is our great achievement that we are making satisfaction to our UK, Australia, Europe and US clients with our best quality Eco-friendly bags as well as services. We have completed our export in more than 23 countries. We export our jute bags and cotton bags to all main cities in Australia, such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Promote your brand creatively, ethically & economically with our Eco-friendly jute, cotton and juco bags. If you are planning to replace your current plastic bags with Eco-friendly jute bags, you can buy directly from our Indian factory with your own customisation and branding. We manufacture fully customised jute bags and ship round the globe. For cheaper shipping in UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan & Netherlands, you should order minimum 20000 bags or a container for best pricing.

We are leading jute conference bags manufacturer and exporter in Kolkata. We make only premium quality jute conference bags and juco conference bags which are used in global conferences and seminars.

We are a reliable exporter and supplier of diversified Jute, Cotton, Juco & Canvas bags like Jute shopping bagsJute designer bags, Jute conference bags, Jute seminar bags, Jute promotional bags, Jute cosmetic bags, Jute beach bags, Jute wine bottle bags, Jute lunch bags, Jute Christmas bags, Jute Laptop Bags, Jute tote bags, Jute bottle bags, Jute jar bags, Jute printed bags, Jute gift bags, Canvas tote bagsCalico bags, Cotton drawstring bags, Cotton Shopping Bags, Canvas Grocery Bags, Canvas Pencil Case, Cotton Promotional Bags, Cotton Printed Bags, Canvas Fashion Bags etc. We are leading jute bags exporter in Kolkata. Jute shopping bags are mainly used by Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, United States, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, Sweden etc.

If you need Eco-friendly retail shopping bags for your store/shop, we can give you premium quality retail jute shopping bags that are made of natural fabric jute, cotton and juco. Our retail jute shopping bags are 100% Eco-friendly since these bags are made of natural plant-based fibre. You can print your own logo on these eco-bags to promote your business or brand. We are largest jute shopping bags and cotton shopping bags wholesaler in Kolkata.

Param Jute Products is a leading jute products manufacturer and wholesaler in Kolkata, West Bengal. We are a trusted manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of yute shopping bags & algodon shopping bags in Kolkata, India. We procure the yute fabrics both from Kolkata & Bangladesh so if you want Bangladesh quality yute bags we are able to provide that at Bangladesh price. Since most of the yute mills are situated in Kolkata so we can offer you better prices than Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. We deliver our bags in all metro cities within 3-5 days. As a reputed Indian natural bags manufacturer, we manufacture and export premium quality Canvas Fashion Bags, Calico Bags & Christmas Gift Bags at a cheaper than China and Vietnam because of our low manufacturing cost. Our stitching quality is better than China or Vietnam. We follow compact manufacturing process to reduce the manufacturing cost of our natural jute and cotton bags.

Good quality packaging to everyday shopping, our reusable and Eco-friendly jute shopping bags and cotton canvas shopping bags are preferred choice of conscientious customers in Europe, Australia and Northern America. We are best quality cotton bags manufacturer in Kolkata, India. Our proficient team is expert in creating designer collections of Eco-friendly natural shopping bags. Fascinating logos and trendy designs are skillfully patterned in order to provide you with something that you will cherish for many years to come. Being made with Eco-friendly fibrils our wide range of ecological products are highly durable and look extremely beautiful. If you want to convert your own idea into an Eco-friendly jute fashion bag then we would help you to do that.

To print our bags, we use water-based AZO free colours. For jute bags, we do silk screen printing & offset printing. For cotton bags, we do silk screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing is best up to 10 colours artwork and digital or offset is best for multicolour artwork which is more than 10 colours. If you want best quality and long lasting printing, silk screen is best option for its impression quality and long lasting. We do best quality screen printing on our cotton bags and jute bags. We are premium quality cotton bags exporter and wholesaler in Kolkata, India.

Juta promotional bags are very popular in British, Australian, French, German, Scottish, Irish & Italian supermarkets. Cotton shopper, jute shopper and cotton drawstring bags are widely used in these countries for brand promotion. For cotton drawstring bags, we expect minimum of 5000 pcs. order in a single lot.

Currently, jute bags are very popular as return gifts in India as well as overseas. We manufacture wedding return gifts and personalised return gifts. For customised return gift, MOQ should be 5000 pcs. or more.

Param Jute Products is a fast-growing Eco-friendly natural bags manufacturing & exporting company in Kolkata and we are trying to expand our market rapidly in Europe, North America and Australia so that we can employ more unemployed skilled & unskilled people in our platform. We want to see 10000 happy families under the shelter of ParamJute. We are "A Green Company in India" so If you have any query about Green Bags like jute bags, cotton bags or any other Eco-friendly solution please e-mail us; we will be happy to provide you all necessary information. If you want to know how we make jute bags from raw jute fibre, please visit our manufacturing process page.

We maintain ethical business policies so you can always expect best quality jute & cotton products & reliable services from us!

To know more about Eco bags and the advantages or disadvantages of these bags please read our blog https://www.paramjute.com/blog


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