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Jute bags are everywhere these days. Even fashion shows and showstoppers are using jute bags to promote climate and environment health and create mass awareness at an international platform. We at Jute Planets manufacture various stylish fashion Jute bags to accommodate the growing needs of the customers worldwide. We have a huge variety and deal with international brands at wholesale rateswhilemaintaining excellent quality and chosen designer styles especially styled by our qualified and creative fashion jutebags designers.

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Jute, a natural fiber, is an auspicious gift of Mother Earth to mankind for the last thousands of years.  Jute has been used by humans as a packaging material - Not only in India but also in many other countries like UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany etc. From the last quarter of the 20th century, many cheaper and alternate materials have been invented and used as packaging materials. But many of these new packaging materials are synthetic and non-biodegradable.

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Entrepreneurship is an idea in itself and recently entrepreneurs have been taken in with the idea of establishing a brand with their specific products which will help their business to grow globally in a profitable and recognised manner. If you have been trying to establish your big brand with bags then Jute bags are the perfect choice for you to make your brand grow wings and spread out its reach far and wide.

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Pollution, Climate-change, Global warming, testing of nuclear bombs and weapons, using chemicals, the spread of smog- This list of harming our environment is endless but it is critical at this juncture for us to realise that this planet is our home, we survive and life because the planet allows us to have habitual and homely surrounding and damaging nature would only result is wipe-out most probably due to the changing global environment. So, it is time that we take another curse to meet our needs and demands in an eco-friendly way and Jute bags allows us this opportunity with various fashionable choices. Read on below to find out how using Jute bags is not only a wise and affordable choice but also how it is an eco-friendly approach and how much we can alter the face of our natural environment for the better by using Jute bags instead of synthetic and plastic ones.


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Last few days we are listening a new word "social distancing". Is it really social distancing? WHO recommended to maintain 1 metre distance to prevent COVID-19. I think it's physical distance not social distance. Most of the media are circulating that social distancing is the key rule to prevent Covid-19. It's a dangerous term to break the social bonding in our society. Most of the people are thinking that if someone affected by COVID-19 we should not help him since we have to maintain "social distancing". But is it the actual methodology to prevent Covid-19? I think "NO".

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Jute bags can offer numerous benefits and so they are widely preferred by the corporate groups. Day by day most of the corporate groups are moving from plastic promotional items and trying to choose natural items like jute shopping bags. Just make sure that the focus of the company you are approaching is on using the premium quality raw materials and state-of-the-art mechanised process. It is not only about jute fabric but all items used to make the bag are natural & Eco-friendly. The colours used to print the graphics and logos are free of carcinogenic agents.

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Jute shopping bag is one of the most popular jute products which are commonly used across the globe for promotional purpose or carry bag purpose. While jute shopping bags were being used as gunny bags only but now it is used as a stylish fashion bag for individuals.

Cotton vegetables bag with pockets

Cotton vegetables bag is very important bag for everyday shopping our grocery or vegetables. Best feature of this bag is foldable & washable so it can be used for long time. We manufacture 6 pockets & 8 pockets vegetables bag with 5 oz & 8 oz cotton. This bag consists of one master chamber & 6 or 8 side pockets, all vegetables can be kept separately. When we use a plastic polybag or a jute shopping bag it gets mixed all vegetables and sometimes get damaged.

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Plastic has been polluting our ecosystem for some time now and within a few decades, our oceans and land
masses are full of it. This problem has been aggravated by the fact that plastics are virtually unable to
decompose and that recycling them costs a lot more than simply manufacturing a new one. Plastic is a
byproduct of crude oil and has been immensely beneficial to humankind since its inception.
Some of the few benefits of plastics are mentioned below-