There are different types of handles are available for our handmade jute & cotton bags. I am providing few common handle types which is used in our handmade jute bags & cotton bags:

  1. Jute and cotton self handles
  2. Cotton webbed handle or Cotton padded handles
  3. Cotton tape handles
  4. Cotton rope handles with eyelets or without eyelets
  5. Cane handles
  6. Leather handles

Cane handle types:

a) Mini "D" Cane handle

b) "D" Cane handle

c) 5", 5.5" & 7" Bobby Cane handle

d) Square Cane handle

e) Ring Cane handle

f) 3" & 5" Apple Cane handle

g) 7" Single joint Cane handle

h) Oval Cane handle


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