Why Jute Promotional Bags or Cotton Promotional Bags?

When you buy a promotional bag, you should think about the branding scope of your business through the promotional bag. This is a method of direct marketing through a promotional bag because your client will use this bag & your brand will be expanded by the bag easily. So if you can choose a bag which is eco-friendly, durable, fashionable & cost effective then that would be a great idea to use that bag for promotional purpose. Verbal recommendation is always valuable than a commercial advertisement such as TV, News paper or journal. A promotional bag is much better than these medias because an interested new customer can meet with your current/old customer so new customer will get a direct feedback from your old customer. If your products or services are really good then this marketing idea would be the best idea. You can reach to the huge number of people through electronic media or print media but new or interested customer will not get a complete trust on your products or services because there is no chance to get a direct feedback of your products.

So we should think few points to choose a promotional bag for branding purposes.

1. How many days the bag could be used by the customer

2. Eco friendly or not

3. Cost effective or not


If you choose a plastic bag, it will not satisfy No. 1 & 2 point

If you choose a paper bag, it will not satisfy No. 1 point

If you choose a jute bag or cotton bag, it will satisfy all the points.

So jute promotional bag or cotton promotional bag is the best promotional bag for promoting your brand in an ethical & cost effective way.

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You have greatly focused all the main reasons why everyone should use jute bag instead of plastic or paper bags. I am really amazed by your logical discussion. Hope to see more discussions lik ethis from you.

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