Why Canvas Fashion Bags are better than the Leather Bags?

Before buying/using a leather bag we should know the source of leather. Leather is obtained from the skin of various type of animals mainly cows, sheeps and goats. Leather is used to manufacture various products like bags, belts, shoes, purses, jackets and other small leather items. There are few important facts that you should know before using a leather product. End of this article you would agree with me that leather products should be neglected as much as we can and we have to change the way we look the leather items. Some people use leather products to maintain status.

Usually we know leather is obtained from the skin of animals that are primarily killed for meat. But it is not true completely. Leather industry is an independent industry in which industry animals are mainly killed for their skin. Animals are like snakes, ostriches or kangaroos are killed solely for their skin only!!!

The main source of leather is cow. The cows from which leather is scaled out are not just simply slaughtered but they are subjected to inhumane torture. Some cows are poisoned and the death of the animal through poisoning also subjects it to an inexplicable torture. Huge toxic substances go into the environment during the tanning of leather so these substances pollute the water and air extremely.

Day by day the level of cruelty crosses its limits in the leather industry. The consumers are usually under the wrong impression that the softest and most luxurious leather comes from older cows, which is totally wrong. In real, the softest leather comes from the skin of young calves! Just if we can reduce the usage of only one leather item, we can save many innocent animals. For bags, we have better alternative of leather. So I think canvas bags are the best alternative of leather bags. Canvas is made from cotton, a natural fibre. No unethical process is related with the manufacturing process of Canvas. As a conscious human we should use canvas fashion bags or any other natural fibre made bags instead of leather bags to save some lives as well as environment. Canvas bag is cost effective, fashionable & trendy also. So now it is the time for your brilliant decision.

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You have shared very good information about fashion bags, i am always using fashion bags because most of the people like only fashion bags.Thank you so much.

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