What is Jute?

Jute is a plant based fibre which can be spun in coarse, strong threads. Golden colour is the main & special feature of this fibre. This fibre is used to make Hessian or Burlap & Gunny Cloth. This fibre is collected from the bast or skin of the Jute Plant. This is the most affordable 100 % natural fibre after Cotton. Since this is a valuable natural fibre & it has golden colour so it is called "The Golden Fibre". India & Bangladesh are the main producer of this fibre. At this moment there is no alternative of jute to reduce the usage of plastic and it’s very important to stop using plastic bags for saving our nature. Most of the developed countries are trying to use jute bags but it’s little problem for developing countries since jute bags are costly with respect to plastic bags. Jute is better than cotton since it consumes very low chemical during its processing. Most of developed countries like UK, US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand are using jute bags. So to save our nature everybody should use jute.

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