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<p>&nbsp;It becomes a general trend to use <strong>Eco Friendly Jute and Cotton Shopping Bags&nbsp;</strong>in as many instances as possible. The use of&nbsp;<strong>Eco Friendly Jute and Cotton Bags&nbsp;</strong>in various occasion and events has become an advanced trend. With boost in the promotional campaigns against the use of products that pose threat to environment, Eco-friendly Jute and Cotton bags have become more popular now a days. This increase of popularity has also enhanced their worth as promotional items. Here are some tactics that will help to increase business with these familiarized products.&nbsp;Here I want to show some tactics that can be applied for making this product as an instrument for increasing business.</p>

<li><strong>Free Gift: </strong>Any business can offer a gift of such bags with every purchase that reaches to some pre-determined amount. For example, if the average sale of a retail shop is $100, it can offer a free <strong>Eco friendly Jute and Cotton Bag</strong> for a purchase of $125 or above carrying the logo of the company no doubt.</li>
<li><strong>Charity and Goodwill:</strong> It can be a case where a retail chain sponsors for a Cancer Aid Clinic. The chain trades in bags and a high percentage of the profit goes for treating Cancer Ailments. Thus, the bags are made co-branded. It helps to publicize the cancer clinic as well as the bag company, helping to serve the cause of both of them.</li>
<li><strong>Resale:</strong>It is also possible that a line of <strong>Eco Friendly Jute and Cotton Bags </strong>be kept for sale in an establishment. It is intended to sell those products at a fair margin. Sale of these items will show the company’s support to the cause of environment besides gaining a momentum in the main business, as the customer interested in such bags may also show interest in the products of the company.</li>
<li><strong>Offering bags to employee:</strong>For the sake of increasing business, the company has chosen to express its moral support towards <strong>Eco Friendly Jute and Cotton Bags</strong>. For this purpose, the company has offereda bag to each of the employee. This will demonstrate the passion of the company towards Environmental Cause besides publicity of the business.</li>
<li><strong>Special Promotional Sale:</strong> It is possible that a company dealing in a product signs a Memorandum of Understanding with a retail company to produce a given quantity of <strong>Eco Friendly Jute and Cotton Bags</strong>&nbsp;as a special item. The bags will carry the logo of both the company and will be sold from the store of the retail company. This may serve greatly to increase the business of both the companies besides showing the passion for both to the cause of ecology.</li>
<li><strong>Increase Visibility through Trade Shows, festivals and events:</strong> It can be taken for granted that a retailstore is sponsoring a city’s July 4<sup>th</sup> Celebration. It may be offered that first 10,000 people be given a fee <strong>Eco-Friendly Jute and Cotton Bags</strong> who try a free sample at the event.</li>

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Jute bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable so causing less pollution to the environment. For advertising and sales of jute and cotton bags, rapid spread through social media marketing is an essential aspect for growing publicity of sales and marketing.