Let's celebrate in a World free from Non-degradable Plastics

For several decades, we were comfortable in using plastic bags as they are known to provide convenience in stores and home. Besides, they are gorgeous looking thus making scopes for good presentation of carriage and other uses. Recently a recede about their uses has mainly occurred due to campaigns about negative impacts in its usages. These products are based on Polyethylene which is generated from crude oil and natural gas. Both mining and generating process creates pollution. The ultimate products are not Bio-degradable. It is estimated that around 1000 years may be required for complete natural decomposition of a Plastic Bag. Thus, a huge amount of natural disaster is caused by dampening effect of such kind of bags. Since most of the bags can’t be put to reuse, the estimate of pollution in nature can easily be ascertained.

On the other hand, Jute is a complete bio-degradable and eco-friendly material. It never pollutes the environment. The above-mentioned disadvantageous factors have led us to the use of bags made from this eco-friendly material. It is sure to lead us to a world free from the vices of pollution.

Jute is completely natural and fiber type material. It is used to make various products including various types of Bags, Carpets, Rugs, crafts and many others. The bags are available at most user-friendly prices than any other contemporary material product. This comparison may be based on the advantages, features, looks and other facilities that these products provide.

Besides the property of Eco-friendliness and Bio-degradable properties, Jute bags exhibit properties of aesthetics and fashion. The current products that are available replicate high quality fashion trend besides exhibiting a stunning appearance of various design, size and looks. Besides, they are made both light-weight and sturdy in configuration. Thus, these bags are also easy to carry with like their plastic counterparts. Thus, their popularity is also increasing gradually.

For the aesthetics look and sturdiness, they are now used as gift items in various occasions. For example, promotional bags made from Jute are used as gifts in various conventions, where participants are pleased to have a piece of these products. Wine Bags are presented in Xmas eve and eve of New Years. There are special varieties of Jute Christmas Bags – an item for presentation during Christmas. All the products are invariably made fashionable and trendy.

Jute invites low-cost promotion. Thus, all products made from Jute are cheaper than contemporary ones. You can start the manufacturing Bags made from jute at very low initial capital. This hue has caused solving of problems of employment to a great extent. With more and more campaign against the abuses of Bags made from artificial fabric, demand of Jute and allied products are soaring. Thus, profits from dealing with these products too is elevating.

Use of more and more Jute and allied products will give venue for earning for the producers of these fabrics. The rural peasants producing the jute and cotton fibers are also able to see and enjoy the benefits of employment and engagement. Even jute bag manufacturing facilities are seen now-a-days in utmost rural areas. Thus, use of these eco-friendly products can put estoppels for the migration problem from village to cities.

Likewise, cotton bags are considered as an eco-friendly and Bio-degradable replacements for bags made from polyethylene. They are fully natural and reusable too. These bags are easily decomposed in nature thus making the environment free from pollution.

Bags made from polyethylene materials require tons of petroleum. If this can be saved, billion tons of petroleum energy can be saved for future. It is to be put in mind that petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy and is depleting at fastest rate. Cotton requires least farming space and hydration for cultivation while both producing and processing methods are highly eco-friendly.

Plastic bags can be used for once only, and they are slowly decomposing. Thus, huge amount of these products are seen dumped around the street corners, parks and other commutable places causing huge pollution to environment. They are harmful for living creatures too.

Therefore, at the conclusion, we should refer strongly the use of bags made from Eco-friendly, natural, Bio-degradable and reusable jute and cotton materials. This will help to grow our nature with all positive consequences.

Let us enjoy the privileges of a plastic-free environment.

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