Cotton vegetables bag is best solution for everyday shopping

Cotton vegetables bag with pockets

Cotton vegetables bag is very important bag for everyday shopping our grocery or vegetables. Best feature of this bag is foldable & washable so it can be used for long time. We manufacture 6 pockets & 8 pockets vegetables bag with 5 oz & 8 oz cotton. This bag consists of one master chamber & 6 or 8 side pockets, all vegetables can be kept separately. When we use a plastic polybag or a jute shopping bag it gets mixed all vegetables and sometimes get damaged. So every family should keep this bag to shop vegetables or fruits more better way and we can reduce the usage of plastic polybag. It can be fold just like gents purse so can be kept in office bag. It's very beneficial for them who shop after their office. We make both short handle & long handle bag so it can carry by hand or shoulder. This bag is very durable and can be loaded with 10-12 Kg very easily. If we use this bag for 1 year we can save around 300-400 polybag every year and can save money also. We manufacture this bag to export in Australia, USA, Germany, Canada, UK and many more European countries.

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