Best solution to prevent COVID-19 is social distancing or physical distancing

Prevention for coronavirus

Last few days we are listening a new word "social distancing". Is it really social distancing? WHO recommended to maintain 1 metre distance to prevent COVID-19. I think it's physical distance not social distance. Most of the media are circulating that social distancing is the key rule to prevent Covid-19. It's a dangerous term to break the social bonding in our society. Most of the people are thinking that if someone affected by COVID-19 we should not help him since we have to maintain "social distancing". But is it the actual methodology to prevent Covid-19? I think "NO". If we stop to connect socially and mentally with a Covid-19 patient he/she will take more time to recover or the situation could be worse. From our childhood, we have learnt that helping others is our primary duty. It's the basic requirement to be healthy and wealthy. But within 2 months we have lost this life lesson!! It's really pathetic. Even a huge number of people are treating COVID-patient or their family with an extremely bad manner which is totally unexpected. COVID patients are not criminal so we should treat as a criminal. So is there any conspiracy behind this wrong circulation? Yes, it maybe. Because our enemy can do it with the help of the media to destroy our country without a conventional war. I think we have to rethink about the word "social distancing". Because this small word is breaking our thousand years old social structure in India. We should stop using this word immediately and remove the concept of social distancing from our mind otherwise society will be destroyed. So be careful about the media. Don't follow the media blindly, think yourself logically and act accordingly. Don't make stupid yourself due to propaganda. Just keep in mind that everyone can be a COVID patient so help others with a physical distance not social distance.

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