Beach beauties like to use Eco friendly Jute beach bags to extend the scenic beauty of beaches

It is the common experience in the sea beaches that beautiful ladies are carrying vernacular design portfolios and other carriers. A majority of these carriers are made from Eco-friendly Jute and cotton. The trend is so popular that even recent Hollywood packs are also demonstrating this thing into their movies. The comedy film Baywatch is one of them where Indian Glam Artist Priyanka Chopra has been pictured to carry Jute Beach Bags to a number of World’s loveliest bays and beaches. There was citation of Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez; Prado Beaches, Marseille; Paloma Beach, Saint-Jean-Ferrat and similar others. This trend is being manifested by eco-socio conscious people while others following. Thus, market leaders in the baggage and similar industries are engaged in producing Eco-friendly products – no wonder.

Reasons for opting Jute Beach Bags

After a long-riddle campaign, the outcome has now started to yield. The demolishing effects of using Plastic products were under continuous propaganda for the last few decades. The plastic, though are light-weight, sophisticated-looked and presentable, yet they bring up high degradation to environment. Now this has come to people’s realization. The plastic can be used only once and once thrown in garbage, they do not decompose within reasonable time. It may take several centuries for complete degradation for a single product. Thus, the umpteen effect of pollution is caused to environment by these products is beyond ascertainment.

On the other hand, bags made by Jute and other Eco-friendly material cause no harm to environment. These products are reusable; they are easily decomposed in nature and thus cause no threat of pollution. Being a natural fiber, it takes only a couple of years or lesser time for complete decomposition. Thus, the environmentalists are suggesting the use of these products in lieu of plastic.

Harmful effects of Plastic Bags

The main concern upon usage of Plastic Bags is that these materials sustain in the environment for much longer period. A single product takes tens of centuries for complete decomposition. Besides, they cannot be for more than once. The debris will continue to pollute the environment for that length of time. The plastics are made from Polyethylene which is obtained through processing of natural oil. Thus, much usage of these bags will also cause censorable decay in the accumulation of already slackening deposit of natural oil and gas.  Thus, it is stressed to go for natural material and fibers. It will take much less time for complete decomposition. Thus, the question of posing threat to nature is diminished automatically. The question that the wastes would effect to contaminate and poison the crop is thus put out of any question.

 Other Reasons for using Jute Beach Bags

It is found that the ladies are mainly carrying Jute Beach Bags. It is likely that they like the presenting ability, trendiness, looks, color and so on. But, the other reasons, if looked from the grave, can be summarized as follows:

Convenience: The beach bags are made with enough spaces for holding towels, sun lotion, UV glasses, provisions for changing in the beach if required, bottle for wine, soft drinks and even a paperback. These bags have experienced to stay unaffected by sea-water which is the case for leather or other sort of bags.

Attractiveness: The Beach bags have made with attractive get-up. They are made with trendy outfit, sophisticated colors and impeccable designs. These all sort of things are commonly liked be girls and ladies. Thus, these bags are more popular among ladies.

Durability: These bags are made from long hesianth Jute fibers. These fibers are known for their placidity. These yarns are soft yet sturdy. Thus, they sustain for longer period. This is among the reasons for the popularity of these yarns.

Reusability: The Jute fibers are natural and thus any product made using this fiber will be Bio-degradable and reusable. A bag can be used multiple times and for different purposes. This variance in usability is also liked by customers.

Affordability: The cost of Jute Bag is always kept within budget. Thus, people like to use this moderately priced yet highly useful product since their pocket can permit the expenses.


Conclusion:  Thus, it can be easily be inferred that with the elapse of time, more and more beautiful ladies will be seen in the beaches with the impeccably designed Beach Bags. That will enhance the focus of Eco-awareness while achieving the purpose of diminishing the ill-effects from use of plastic bags in the seas and its adjacent areas.

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